Sanitary RTDs and Temperature Transmitters

Anderson Instrument's electronic temperature sensors combine industry proven, all stainless steel construction with modular components. Interchangeable RTD elements, wiring heads, transmitter modules and digital displays can be individually selected. Components can be factory or field assembled in the optimum configuration for any application. To further facilitate adaptability, Anderson RTD's are offered with the widest selection of sanitary clamp, thermowell and flush-mount fittings; and with sealed cable, quick disconnect, or wiring heads options.

Product Features:

  • Modular components provide maximum configuration flexibility
  • Unique element-to-housing design eliminates exposed threads, lowers profile
  • All stainless steel construction with O-ring seals for maximum corrosion and moisture protection
  • NIST traceable withcertifications
  • Custom lengths (up to 6") available at no extra charge
  • Dual Output Options
  • Quick Disconnect Options

Product Documents

Sanitary RTDs and Transmitters

Sanitary RTDs

Anderson SW-Series RTD sensors are 100 ohm, 3-wire, DIN standard elements designed for direct immersion in sanitary applications or in any of a wide variety of thermowells. Sensors are available in single or dual element configurations. Single element styles may be specified with factory sealed, shielded cables up to 200 feet in length, in our unique modular design, or with our new water-tight quick disconnect. The modular elements can be mated with a standard wiring head for analog or “SMART” transmitter applications, with or without an integral display. Also available is a mini wiring head for stand-alone RTD applications, optionally available with a new mini (4-20mA) transmitter module. All dual element sensors are supplied in the modular configuration, now available with dual output wiring heads as well.

All sensors feature completely sealed internals for maximum moisture and vibration resistance. They provide the fastest possible response characteristics due to our unique method of internal element attachment which eliminates all air and nonmetallic materials between the element and the process material being monitored.

These sensors are constructed entirely of 316L grade stainless steel and all product contact surfaces are electropolished to an Ra max. of 8 micro-inches (0.2 microns), except well fitting. All elements are provided with a permanently engraved stainless steel tag and a certificate of calibration and conformance.

  •   All stainless steel with no exposed threads
    •   Compact, low in profile
      •   Field serviceable - replaceable elements
        •   Multiple wiring options

          Temperature Transmitters

          Temperature transmitters are available in three (3) styles to provide maximum application flexibility. Analog (4-20mA) modules are available in a standard size for mounting in our standard wiring head, or for remote mounting in a control panel. A new “mini" transmitter comes pre-mounted in our “mini” head, providing the world’s smallest, all stainless steel transmitter/sensor assembly. "SMART” HART modules are also available for use with our standard wiring head. Any standard head with a transmitter module is also available with a loop-powered display as an option, providing local indication in degrees (F or C), milliamps, or percent output. The standard wiring head can be oriented vertically or horizontally to simplify wiring and optimize viewing angle. Any of the above may be specified in single (standard) or dual (any combination) outputs. The result is a competitively priced transmitter which is:

          • Modular - field replaceable/upgradeable components.
          • All stainless steel with no exposed threads
          • Compact, low in profile

          All prewired element/transmitter assemblies are factory calibrated and shipped with NIST traceable certifications.