Gaulin Mono-Block

The Gaulin cylinder block for sanitary applications provides an in-line flow pattern and minimizes the number of sealed areas. Top and front caps improve accessibility and simplify maintenance.

Product Features:

  • Poppet Valves for low-viscosity, moderately abrasive products, like ice cream mixes and dairy products, vegetable oils, and silicone emulsions.
  • Ball Valves, designed for high-viscosity, abrasive products including peanut butter, evaporated milk, wax emulsion lubricants and pigments.
  • Aseptic Double-Packed Cylinders are engineered for aseptic processing and can also provide containment of fugitive emissions (compounds that are pathogenic, toxic, and radioactive flammable).

APV Homogenizer Valves

  • SEO Homogenizing Valve: A flat, conical homogenizing valve made of several ceramic materials is
  • XFD Homogenizing Valve: Typically used as a single-stage valve for capacities up to 9,510
  • LW Universal Homogenizing Valve: The LW’s (liquid whirl) whirling chambers deliver highly efficient
  • Actuation: Standard, high-performance actuation systems are available for all models 

Gaulin Homogenizers Maximum Capacity GPH Ball Type Valves

Model1450 PSI2030 PSI2175 PSI2465 PSI2900 PSI3000 PSI3045 PSI3625 PSI4350 PSI5800 PSI8700 PSI
Gaulin 5190190190190190 19013013010550
Gaulin 15550550550550420 420340300210120
Gaulin 24820820820820725 725500500370185
Gaulin 3713751375137513751190 1190820820580420
Gaulin 5536202380238023802035 203514001400990685
Gaulin 110  55454750 3700 3170264019801320
Gaulin 132T50205020502050205020 50203300330027751950
Gaulin 132Q87204225422542254225 4225    
Gaulin 185Q1000010000800080007100 53005300