SBP Braided Silicone Hoses

Pure-Fit SBP is a platinum-cured braid-reinforced silicone hose that has ultra-flexibility utilized in demanding applications where higher pressures are a consideration. Pure-Fit SBP is an economical silicone hose that meets the criteria of USP Class VI. Pure-Fit SBP can be supplied in either bulk or in custom hose assemblies utilizing our radially crimped 316L SS fitting systems.

Pure-Fit SBP hose has an operating temperature range of -80°F (-62°C) to 500°F (260°C).

Pure-Fit SBP hose is manufactured from the finest grade of silicone materials and is fully tested to meet USP Class VI criteria.

Product Features:

  • Ultra flexibility
  • Autoclavable and sterilizable
  • Available in 50 ft. lengths
  • Color striping and braiding are available
  • Meets USP Class VI criteria

Product Documents

Product Specifications
Pure-Fit SBP Datasheet

Pure-Fit SBP Silicone Hose Sizes and Specifications

SBP Part NumberID Inches (mm)OD Inches (mm)Wall InchesWorking Pressure PSI at 68°FMin Burst Pressure, PSI at 68°FMin Bend Radius In.Weight Per Foot, Lb.
HOSSBP-04.250 (6.4).500 (13.2).1251505501.55.08
HOSSBP-06.375 (9.5).625 (16.6).1251354801.75.12
HOSSBP-08.500 (12.7).875 (20.3).1871253902.00.16
HOSSBP-10.625 (15.9)1.000 (25.4).1871203602.50.22
HOSSBP-12.750 (19.1)1.125 (27.9).187903003.00.26
HOSSBP-161.000 (25.4)1.375 (34.5).187602204.00.35