Waukesha Universal TS Sanitary Twin Screw Pump

Twin screw pump technology has been around a long time, but only recently has this technology been used in sanitary pump applications. In the right application, they offer some compelling advantages over other types on sanitary PD pumps.

Waukesha has taken the knowledge gained from years of experience building sanitary PD pumps and applied it to sanitary screw pumps. The result is the Universal TS Series pump. These new pumps have a of features and benefits of other sanitary screw pumps, plus some features and benefits only Waukesha can provide.

Product Features:

  • Reliable performance - Screws made from Waukesha Alloy 88 non-galling material allow the pump to run through incidental contact and reduce risk of pump damage if screws make contact
  • Gentle product handling - Pumps large particulates without degradation
  • Responsive service - Extensive global distribution network with certified repair centers provide quick response times for parts and service
  • Easy maintenance - Front loaded access to product side seals
  • Process flexibility - Low inlet pressure requirement and a wide range of operating speeds allow for multiple duties including process and CIP supply. Bi-directional flow capability without making modifications to the pump.
  • Smooth operation - Reduces slip pulse in low inlet pressure, low viscosity, and high pressure conditions
  • Reduced noise levels - Operating principle virtually eliminates pressure fluctuations
  • The TS Sanitary Twin Screw Pump is available with both singe and double mechanical seals


  • Large diameter Alloy 17-4 shafts. These have greater strength than standard stainless steel shafts, helping to reduce vibration and extend seal life.
  • None gauling alloy 88 screw allow the pump to run with tighter clearances than other sanitary twin screw pumps resulting in great efficiencies
  • Flow rates of up to 1220gpm
  • All models of the Waukesha TS sanitary screw pumps have a 375psi capability.
  • Front loading seals
  • Index splined shafts and screw for easy installation
  • All Waukesha TS series pumps have seal flush ports for optional double seals
  • The Waukesha TS is offered in 4 sizes 
  • 3 different screw pitches are available for each size pump

TS Model Pumps Specifications

015-UTS16.50.02 Gal. (0.08 Liter)70 GPM (265 LPM)2" (51mm)1.5" (38mm)0.33" (8mm)375 PSI (25.5 bar)
330.03 Gal. (0.11 Liter)105 GPM (398 LPM) 0.65" (18mm)
440.04 Gal. (0.15 Liter)140 GPM (530 LPM) 0.44"* (11mm)
030-UTS16.80.03 Gal. (0.11 Liter)93 GPM (352LPM)2.5" (64mm)2" (51mm)0.33" (8mm)375 PSI (25.5 bar)
280.05 Gal. (0.19 Liter)155 GPM (587 LPM) 0.55" (14mm)
420.08 Gal. (0.30 Liter)248 GPM (939 LPM) 0.83" (21mm)
130-UTS36.70.12 Gal. (0.45 Liter)300 GPM (1136 LPM)4" (102mm)2.5" (64mm)0.72"* (18mm)375 PSI (25.5 bar)
550.18 Gal. (0.68 Liter)450 GPM (1703 LPM) 1.09" (28mm)
73.40.24 Gal. (0.91 Liter)600 GPM (2271 LPM) 0.72" (18mm)
220-UTS450.30 Gal. (1.14 Liter)600 GPM (2271 LPM)4" (102mm)4" (102mm)0.89" (22mm)375 PSI (25.5 bar)
600.40 Gal. (1.51 Liter)800 GPM (3028 LPM)or or 1.18" (30mm)
900.61 Gal. (2.31 Liter)1220 GPM (4618 LPM)6" (152mm)6" (152mm)1.77" (45mm)