SCV-30 Sanitary Globe-Style Control Valves

The Cashco Model SCV-30 * is a revolutionary, throttling, pneumatically actuated control valve. This unique design provides a geometrically characterized plug for superior throttling dynamics, plus the unit’s ease of cleanability and maintenance meet the requirements of sanitary control valves. The design incorporates a formed internal diaphragm that is bonded to a characterized metal plug. The diaphragm/body provides the smooth internal passages necessary for ease in cleaning and sanitizing. The plug head provides rigidity to the otherwise flexible diaphragm in the throttling zone where characterized control is desired.

Product Features:

  • Design Concept: A control valve for throttling applications.
  • Two Body Configurations: Traditional straight-through globe pattern, or angle body pattern, both self-draining. Forged 316L SST body material.
  • Multiple Ports: Both full and reduced port designs to optimize dynamic response. Characteristic: Linear.
  • Multiple Diaphragms: Three to select from — EPDM, Fluorocarbon Elastomer, or Silicone.
  • Polished Interior: Interior of wetted body mechanically polished and electro-polished to 10 micro-inch Ra finish.
  • Exterior Finish: SST portions of body electro-polished. All other metallic exposed surfaces are of SST or painted with epoxy.
  • Readily Accessible: Valvet can be easily and quickly disassembled in-line for inspection or trim replacement. Quick disconnect stem.
  • Cleaning: Valve designed for clean-in-place (CIP) and steam-in-place (SIP) systems.
  • 3A Construction: Selection of composition diaphragms bonded to metallic plug/stem meets 3A Sanitary Standards, Authorization No. 745.

Product Documents

Cashco SCV-30 Globe Style Control Valve