Axiflow Twin Screw Sanitary Pumps

The Axiflow pump features two contact-free intermeshing screws and the pump housing form closed chambers that, according to the direction of rotation, constantly move towards the pressure discharge end of the pump. This axial system enables cautious, low-pulsation pumping. It is gentle on the fluid and imparts very low shear into the product. As there is normally no gearbox required, often Axiflow can be used for both pumping product and CIP.

The advantages; no need for a CIP pump or the associated piping,valves and software. It saves valuable space, time and reduces your investment costs.

The Axiflow Twin Screw design enables the pump to run at the widest range of speeds of any other positive displacement pump on the market. This capability enables one pump to be sized to handle a wide range of viscosities. Imagine one pump handling the duty of many!

With an all stainless steel wet end and bearing housing that is machined completely out of 316L billet stainless steel, the Axiflow pump can handle the widest range of temperature swings. With the Axiflow pump, there is no such thing as “hot clearance” and “cold clearance” rotors. The entire pump expands and contracts together.

Product Features:

  • Ability to Handle viscosities from <1 to 1,000,000cps
  • Axiflow offers Flow rates from 0.1 GPM to 1,450 GPM
  • Differential pressures of up to 725 PSI
  • High Suction Capabilities & Low NPSH requirements
  • 3A and EHEDG Certified
  • Virtually Pulse-free, Repeatable Flow – Ideal for Product Timing and Metering
  • All Axiflow Pumps have Stainless Steel Bearing Housing
  • Low Shear Product Handling – Capable of Delicately Pumping Soft Solids up to 15/8” in Size without degradation
  • Ability to pump products with up to 60% entrained air – eliminates “air-locking”!
  • At the high speeds, this Unique Twin Screw Design is fully CIP-able AND capable of performing system CIP functions by providing required pipe line velocities and meeting tank cleaning requirements.

Product Documents

Axiflow Brochure
Maintenance Manual
Axiflow O&M Manual
Product Specifications
Axiflow Pump Specifications

4 Different Size Axiflow Pump

The Axiflow Technologies STS Standard Series of pumps consists of four (4) primary pump sizes. Each pump size has up to five (5) different screw pitches which gives you the flexibility to customize each pump specifically for your application. The smallest STSC50 size is only available is a C-face connection. The STS70 and STS90 are available in both C-faced connection or bare shaft with coupling. The largest pump, the STS125, is only available in bare shaft with coupling design:

All standard series pumps are available in standard 3A and EHEDG design as well as aseptic design. Pressure ratings on the standard series pumps range from 175 PSI to 350 PSI differential depending upon screw pitch.

  • STSC 50 (C-Face) Suction/Discharge Connections – 1 ½” to 3”
    • STS 70 Suction/Discharge Connections – 2” to 3”
      • STS 90 Suction/Discharge Connections – 2 ½” to 4”
        • STS 125 Suction/Discharge Connections – 3” to 8”

          Axiflow Pumps are Available in 4 Different Sizes

          Axiflow DF Series High Pressure Pumps

          Capable of discharge pressures up to 725 PSI (differential), the DF Series pumps are ideal for large high pressure drop pasteurizers. Until now, whenever a process called for a positive displacement pump capable of pressure above 300 PSI, the only option processors have had was to use a homogenizer without a homogenizing valve. This type of equipment has a large footprint, is expensive and is very maintenance intensive. Additionally, these pumps typically cause tremendous pulsation.

          The enemy of the homogenizer is air! This can cause severe damage and drastically increase maintenance costs. The same twin screw technology that enables you to pump up to 60% air on the Axiflow STS Standard Series pumps allows the high pressure series pumps to convey the air through the pump with damage. Designed with a double mechanical seal with a flush, these pumps are also capable of running dry for extended periods of time

          The DF High Pressure Series pumps come standard with an all stainless steel wet end and bearing housing that is machined completely out of 316L billet stainless steel. They can also run at speeds up to 3,000 RPMs. This means that they can perform process as well as CIP—just like the standard series Axiflow pumps.