4 Piston Diaphragm Pump

The QuattroFlow’s positive displacement pump incorporates a four piston-diaphragm technology with no mechanical seals that is driven by an eccentric shaft and electric motor. These pumps primarily serve the biopharmaceutical industry that requires high containment, purity, and cleanability.

This innovative Quattroflow pump technology can be found in multi use/permanent cleanable applications or, as is becoming popular, single use applications. Applications include feeding cross-flow filter systems, chromatography modules and centrifuges where good flow control is essential.

Quattroflow® pumps are known for transferring shear sensitive media of aqueous solutions and biological products such as blood by-products to vaccines without damage, ultimately ensuring product quality, safety, efficiency and reliability.

Product Features:

  • Minimum Heat Transfer to the product being processed in fact lowest compared to widely used Peristaltic and Lobe Technology
  • Minimum Pulsation and Low Shear compared to Peristaltic and Air Operating Diaphragm and Lobe Pumps
  • Quattroflow pumps have the ability to maintain Flow at Higher Differential Pressure than peristaltic
  • Design that is compatible with Single Use Technology
  • Low Noise for lab environment and Lower Energy Requirement because of higher efficiency

How Does The Quattroflow Work?

Four Piston Diaphragm Pumps

Quattroflow multi-use pumps have a vast array of options and flow rates to accommodate many pharmaceutical and biotech systems. Whether your requirement is 1 lph (.26 gph) or 20,000 lph (5283 gph) Quattroflow has your application covered with high purity, easily cleanable, multiple use units. From OEM’s and small scale automated systems, to large laboratories and cross-filter systems, the Quattroflow QF Series provides the purity needed for the most demanding pharmaceutical and bio-technology applications.

Quattroflow Single Use Pumps

The Quattroflow 150, 1200 and 4400 model are available in a single use configuration. They combine a polypropylene pump head with the standard USP class VI elastomers. Quattroflow single-use combines convenience with the ability to save time and money by reducing the cost of cleaning and decontamination. Gamma-radiated and sterility tested upon request, these pumps ensure the integrity of your process and production output by providing the safe, clean and reliable transfer of your high purity process fluid