Pharmaceutical Filling Needles 

When working with high value products, quality and flexibility is paramount. Holland Applied Technologies has spent the last 10 years pioneering novel product dispense products and technologies in both Stainless Steel and Disposable materials for all major OEM filing machines.

 Features and Benefits of Holland Pharmacuetical Filling Needles 

  •   Holland Pharmaceutical Fill Needles are available in both Disposable and Reusable Materials
    •   Holland Fill needles are available with a range of custom geometries specific to you application
      •   Laser welding of Holland needles ensures no burn through and ultra-precise material joining with minimal heat distortion
        •   Needles available with electropolishing, surface finish certification, ultra-sonic passivation, and a variety of other treatments
          •   Laser marking and engraving available for custom identification

            Holland Pharmaceutical Fill Needle Specifications 

            •   Size Range: 1/32" ID- 0.87" ID
              •   Materials of Construction: 316L Stainless Steel
                •   Documentation: Material Test Reports, EP Certs, Welding Logs, Welding Maps, Welding Certifications, ASME IX Certs, Surface Finish Certs
                  •   Basket Tip, Lance Tipped, Coaxial Purge Needle Tip Designs all available

                    Holland Needle Blank- Request a Quote Today 

                    Complete the needle blank with your custom dimensions! 

                    Single Use Filling Needles 

                    Pharmaceutical Filling Needle Resource Center

                    We have published a series of articles on our Blog, addressing sanitary valves, their technical features and application data. Listed below are links to the various posts. We will continue to update these as more are published.

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