Sanitary Process Skids and Modules

Executing a successful design/build high purity skid or sanitary module project is not easy. A lot of good things have to happen. We know. We have been building sanitary process skids for over 25 years and have been in the sanitary process equipment business for over 50 years. We have been in the sanitary module business since the first biopharmaceutical modular facilities were built in the 1990's. Over that time we have developed some principals that serve as the foundation of how we operate to ensure that our client's sanitary skid or module project is completed in a cost effective, timely manner and maintains the highest levels of quality possible.: 

Process Knowledge

Having good fabrication abilities is just one piece of the puzzle. To build a truly state of the art, easily validated sanitary process system requires an understanding of the process. We have been in the Sanitary Process Industry for over 50 years. We know the environment our systems are used in and how they are applied. Our designs and fabrications reflect this. 

Ease of Doing Business

Too often, projects end up with an adversarial relationship between the client and the manufacturer. The relationship turns into more of an ongoing set of negotiations than a business partnership. That is not our style. Being easy to do business with is one of our core principals. This means we keep our commitments. We don’t harass our clients with petty change order requests. We make our delivery dates. We build long-term relationships. 


Yes, we have extensive written quality procedures, in house trained inspectors and a broad array of inspection and diagnostic tools. Most people in this industry do. We also have something else that not everyone has; a mindset quality is the key to our business. If we continuously improve quality we will be successful. How does this manifest itself? We’ll work the extra hours to make a good design a great design. Our fabrication facility was designed and built from the ground up specifically for the manufacturing of sanitary skids and modules. We inspect every weld we make, even if not required by the project. We make sure that the sanitary process skids and modules we build not only meet the specifications, but are functional and can easily be maintained in the field. Many companies don’t. We want our customers to be proud of the equipment they purchased from us.

Holland Systems Articles

Over the past several years we have published articles on our blog on a wide variety of topics related to the sanitary process industry. We have shared articles on different pieces of process equipment and application data. We have also published a series of articles on our view of what it takes to implement a successful skid/module product. Listed below are links to those articles posted on our blog.