Sanitary Metering and Batching Systems

When it comes to purchasing sanitary metering and batching applications, end users are typically faced with two choices; buy very expensive, highly accurate metering pumps or try to source sanitary pumps, meters, valves and controllers as individual components and try and cobble the system together on site. The first option is beyond many end users budgets and probably their needs. The second may be beyond their in house capabilities. 

Holland has developed a third option to better meet many of our customer’s needs. We are now offering custom, turnkey sanitary metering and batching systems. We will design and build a hygienic metering system tailored to your exact needs and budget. 

How can we do this effectively? We have a unique position in the sanitary process equipment market that allows us to combine expertise in sourcing, engineering and manufacturing to tailor a sanitary metering system to fit your exact needs.

What Makes Holland Unique?

  • We are one of the largest distributors of sanitary pumps, valves, fittings and instruments around.
  • Our engineering staff has been designing sanitary skids and modular systems for over 20 years.
  • Our 40,000ft/sq fabrication shop is dedicated exclusively to sanitary machining welding and polishing
  • We have comprehensive testing facilities that include, multiple power options, steam and a high purity water system.
  • We’re flexible. We don't build off the shelf sanitary metering systems. We will build a sanitary metering pump system to meet your specific requirements. 

Within our portfolio of equipment, engineering expertise and fabrication skills, we can provide you with a sanitary metering system that will not only meet your metering application requirements but also your budget.

Advantages of Holland Sanitary Flow Metering and Batching Systems

  • Experience: We have been providing sanitary process equipment for over 50 years. There are precious few applications we have not experienced or pieces of equipment we are not familiar with. Our Engineering group has been designing and building turnkey process skids and modules for over 20 years. We know controls.
  • Custom: We will engineer a system to meet your exact sanitary metering needs
  • Choice of Technologies: We can build control systems that range from simple to complex
  • Choice of Equipment: We will build the system with the sanitary equipment you specify
  • A turnkey solution: We will design and build the equipment as well as develop all of the control logic. All you have to do is plug it in.
  • Quality: We will thoroughly test your sanitary metering system before shipment. On site testing equipment and experience with modular system FAT and validation allows for total system qualification.

We Can Design and Build a Metering System to your Exact Specifications

If you have designed your process and have a good idea of what you are looking for, complete the datasheet below as best you can and either e mail or fax it to us. If you need help further defining your process and want to weigh multiple options, call us at 800-800-8464 or e mail us at Our sales engineers will work with you to better define your needs and give you a better idea of what options are available to you.

We Start with a Sketch Like This

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Sanitary Metering and Batching System Resource Center

We have published a series of articles on our Blog, addressing Sanitary Metering and Batching Systems, their technical features and application data. Listed below are links to the various posts. We will continue to update these as more are published.

Standard Offerings for Sanitary Metering Pump Applications:

Sanitary Metering Pumps

  • Lobe: Waukesha Sanitary Universal 1 and Universal 2 Pumps, excellent sanitary metering pumps for high viscosity products in high pressure, high flow sanitary applications
  • Centrifugal: Waukesha 200 Series, APV W+ Pumps. While centrifugal pumps are not normally thought of as metering pumps, they can be incorporated into a metering system with the proper flow meter and throttling valve combination. Excellent for use with PID loop controls, sanitary centrifugal metering pumps are easy and economical to install.
  • Quad Diaphragm: Quattroflow Sanitary Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps, an excellent sealess, low pulsation sanitary metering pump for lower viscosity applications.
  • Twin Screw: Axiflo Sanitary Twin Screw Pumps. These are excellent low pulsation sanitary metering pumps for higher viscosity fluids. Sanitary twin screw pumps are ideal for handling particulate laden products.
  • Peristaltic: Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps, Excellent metering pumps for low viscosity, low flow, low pressure applications. With excellent turn down capabilities, peristaltics are great metering pumps for both sanitary and industrial applications.
  • Sanitary Double Diaphragm Pumps: Graco. Cost effective sealess sanitary metering pumps. Available in sanitary stainless and industrial plastics, these are excellent pumps for drum and bin pump out applications
  • Sanitary Piston Pumps: Graco. Great sanitary metering pumps for higher pressure applications. Often used to meter high viscosity products from drums and totes.

Sanitary Flow Meters

  • Positive Displacement: Excellent for thick, viscous products
  • Turbine: Well suited for RO and high purity water applications
  • Electromagnetic (Mag Meters): A robust technology that can be exploited in a variety of sanitary process applications, allowing accurate reading across a wide range of products, robust communication with control systems, and straight forward, easy cleaning
  • Mass Flow: Allows for direct weight measurements
    -Great for batching and multiple ingredient applications
    -Robust transmitter pairings allow for system simplification


  • Stand Alone Batch Controllers: For simple batch adn dispense applications on thick, viscous products
  • Temperature and pressure indicators:So you can continuously monitor process variables
  • Timers, counters and alarms: Entire batches can be ruined if a variable exceeds predetermined parameter settings. Alarm and hazard conditions are also important for operator safety
  • Valve indication/automation: Valve control and automation not only allows for fluid path control, but can also be used to regulate flow and pressure. For proper cleaning, valve controls and timing are essential
  • PID Loops: Stop overshooting your temperature or pressure set points
  • VFD Controls:The easiest way to interface with a pump and AC motors
  • Relay logic systems: Simple logic allows for economic system control
  • PLC Based Systems: From simple ingredient addition to complex recipe creation, PLC based solutions can optimize processes, reducing ingredient loss, minimizing system downtime, and increasing throughput.