Dave's Test Page

I just wanted to check in with you.  The programmers have been making some additions to the CMS to support some of the design elements that Jen layered into your mockup, for instance, the ability to put images and links/buttons into the “slider” boom image.  I have added in brand logos, they are adjusting the carousel of brand logos that is at the bottom of the page so that displays properly the way it does in the mockup.

They are also adjusting the product categories and subcategories to get the interface to a point where I believe it is user-friendly enough, then you’ll see it on your site, it is on our development site now.  The Brands, Categories and Subcategories give us the databased starting point for the 400 or so products that have their own pages.  I’ll be entering a lot of your categories and subcategories to test it out and then I’ll add in a few sample products and probably turn you guys loose to enter products so that you can make adjustments/additions/reorganizations as you see fit.  I’ll be in touch on that