Mixing/Dispersion Equipment : Products

Waukesha Sanitary Shear Pumps

Designed for "on-line" continuous shearing and mixing action. Texturizes to give a smooth body and texture to such products as ricotta cheese and food pastes. Emulsifies to make stable emulsions of products with both oil and water base ingredients; b ...

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Waukesha DTL Blender

These mixers are extremely compact and simple in operation, making them ideal for either continuous or batch processes that require recirculation. Pre- and post-blending are unnecessary in most operations; often eliminating lumping, flooding, or foam ...

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Waukesha Sanitary Colloid Mill

Shearing/mixing forces produce controlled, highly sheared, uniform dispersions and stable emulsions. A wide range of product viscosity may be processed, limited only by the maximum 150 psig (10 bar) inlet pressure. Higher viscosity products are proce ...

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